The rē•spin Holiday Gift Guide for Mind, Body, and Spirit

In the spirit of giving to yourself and others.

By: Jessica Ourisman
The rē•spin Holiday Gift Guide for Mind, Body, and Spirit

It’s that time of the year again when we inevitably start thinking of gift-giving, whether giving back to yourself or another. Gifts need not be materialistic; rather, selected by attuning to your recipient’s tastes and letting that act of connection guide your gifting decisions.

And what greater gift is there than the gift that promotes wellness? “Wellness is about creating mindful moments within your daily routine — it’s the art of intentionality and ceremony. Rituals like lighting a candle right when I get home and steeping tea in my favorite mug before bed keep me rē-charged, even on the busiest of days,” says designer Jeremiah Brent

Peruse the rē•spin curation of gifts that speak to our wellness journeys below.

For the Spiritual Seeker

High Light Rituals Custom Spell Bracelet and Energy Cleansing Session, $195

Jewelry designer Donnie Soddu ideates her collection mindfully, intuitively selecting crystals, cleansing their energy, and blessing them with intention. You can also gift a one-on-one, 45-minute consultation with Soddu for an energy cleansing, crystal meditation, and the creation of a bespoke Spell Bracelet programmed with the recipient’s intentions. The delicate creation keeps the programmed crystals close at hand, connects the wearer to their desired outcomes, and arrives with a ritual to invoke its programmed manifestations.

MASAH Chakra Caramels, $12.99

Each vegan and gluten-free caramel recipe by energy healer Emily Pogany was created with coconut milk and a coconut sugar base, devised with a specific chakra, or energy center, in mind. The sacral chakra is the locus of your creative energy and emotional body, corresponding to your connection to the sacred feminine. It is associated with orange, which inspired this batch of caramel’s creamsicle flavor. Each batch is infused with essential oils and charged with Reiki energy as the metaphysical “cherry on top.”

Sage & Salt Room Mists Discovery Gift Set, $45

Make your home-space sacred while uplifting its subtle vibes using magickal room mists for energy clearing, enhancing intuition, attracting abundance, or getting through Mercury retrograde. This sampler set gives you a taste of each so you can find out why Shaman Durek himself is a fan of this elevated, mystical brand’s enlightening mists. 

Golden Eclipse Tarot Deck, $200

Renowned psychic and astrologer Marie Satori created her own deck of tarot cards, featuring double-siding gold foil gilding from the same atelier that serves the Vatican. The deck comes with an e-book that taps into the deeper spirituality behind the craft, delving far beyond the stereotypes around tarot, accessing the psycho-spiritual process and archetypal meanings that reveal how this deck can be a tool for self-discovery and amplified spiritual connection.

Mined Goodes 24K Gold-Plated Amethyst, $222

Husband and wife co-founders Matt and Alyse Bacine — who is also a spiritual mentor and breathwork practitioner — created a line of 24k gold-plated Amethyst to raise the subtle vibes in your home. Matt found a way to combine mindfully sourced Amethyst from Uruguay with the high frequency of gold without harming the integrity of the mineral. What results alights the higher chakras for connectedness and inner balance, creating the ideal ambiance for taking growth-oriented action.

For the Longevity-Lover

Elysium Health Basis, $60

Renowned aging researcher Leonard Guarente developed the supplement formulas at Elysium Health. You might have heard about the peptide NAD+, which the body uses to target longevity (and anti-aging) by boosting cellular energy and maintaining healthy DNA. This formula has been shown to increase NAD+ levels in the body by 40% to promote overall energy, buffer your DNA from the effects of stress, support muscle function, and benefit ceramide and collagen creation in the skin.

HAELO, $3,297

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy rē-charges the cells in your body, helping you recover faster, feel better, sleep deeper, and reach the healing state of deep relaxation. It is even FDA-cleared to help treatment-resistant depression! Katie Sobelman, also known as The Organic Esthetician, is a particular fan of the portable HAELO device, which emits a 6′ electromagnetic field around its coil and various console-controlled settings. Use her code, KS, for $100 off your purchase.

Vielight Neuro Gamma 3, $2,399

Photobiomodulation (PBM) — the use of near-infrared light on the brain at therapeutic frequencies — is a cutting-edge way to biohack. Vielight uses patented transcranial-intranasal technology to deliver pulsed NIR at specific frequency settings through the most efficient pathway to the brain: the nose. The Gamma mode (40 Hz) is the anti-brain-fog setting recommended to increase focus, processing, and mental energy — one of the complaints that emerges during menopause. The Alpha mode (10 Hz) is used for relaxation and promoting better sleep, which is imperative to maintaining hormone health.

Muse2 Meditation Headband, $294.98

Meditation practice is known to reduce and help buffer the mind from stress, making your inner world a quieter place and allowing you to connect to a place of inner-knowing. This is where the Muse2 Headband comes in. It was designed to be your personal meditation coach, monitoring your brain activity using EEG sensors to provide you with real-time feedback to help you optimize your practice.

Nourishing The Body Through Beauty


Atrio Wellness Gift Set, $355

Brent recommends this gift set, noting that the art of wellness is about practicing thoughtfulness towards the self, and this bundle of wellness facilitates that in myriad ways. From a detoxifying body scrub to quality tea in a made-to-order mug, you can implement your wellness intentions with this multi-faceted gift.

Lyma Laser, $2,695

As hormones change, the skin can become more dry, delicate, and prone to changes like acne or hormonally-induced pigmentation like melasma. Red light therapy can promote healing and collagen formation, reduce inflammation, firm the skin, even tone, and more. The Lyma Laser is the most powerful at-home device and gift, rē-charging the skin cells and allowing them to perform their functions more efficiently.

Biojuve Serum Living Biome Essentials Duo, $225

This serum rē-generates the skin’s microbiome of healthy and protective microbes, promoting rē-juvenated skin and decreasing unwanted pigment in one of the most gentle and health-promoting formulas on the market. It uses a beneficial substrain of C.acnes bacteria called C.acnes, which defends to restore biome health, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, treat dark spots, refines pores, and more.

Aman Essentials Nourishing Sacred Heart Balm, $115

This rich body balm will change the way your skin feels all Winter long thanks to nourishing, antioxidant-rich ingredients such as seaweed, botanical oils, botanical extracts, and even pearl powder. Our favorite way to apply it follows a shower or bath when your skin is still damp, and even better after exfoliating with a body scrub. If you have extra dry skin, try it over your favorite body serum or oil — we suggest iota Body Serum or Santa Maria Novella Vitamin Cosmetic Oil.

Davines Limited Edition OI Silk Hair Gift Set, $56

Even the hair changes with menopause, becoming thinner in circumference and more coarse in texture. But with each use of the impeccable OI collection by Davines, your hair will return to its softest, shiniest glory. The limited edition set above contains their best-sellers — the shampoo, conditioner, hair milk, and a silk scrunchie. Tiev MedSpa co-founder Ashlyn Freitas swears by the OI All in One Hair Milk, but if your hair needs to be drenched in moisture, add on the OI Hair Butter mask, which is our all-time favorite.

Strengthening The Body Through Fitness gift

Cure Hydrating Electrolyte Mix, $22.99 + Anine Bing Water Bottle, $60

Board-certified OBGYN and menopause expert Brandye Manigat points out that women are more at risk of dehydration during peri/menopause due to hot flashes, night sweats, and a general reduction in body water that occurs with age. That’s why Cure’s plant-based, non-GMO, and no-sugar-added formula (which is based on the World Health Organization’s recommended Oral Rehydration Salts formula) makes their electrolytes among our favorites. Make hydration a priority in the new year and sip on a fashionable stainless steel water bottle throughout the day.

Courser Uno Women’s Golden Haze Mono, $595  

As you prioritize fitness and muscle workouts into your wellness regimen, consider a pair of supportive, luxury sneakers. Each pair of Courser footwear was handmade in Tuscany by second-generation craftsmen using a design that takes stress off your joints using proprietary technology and engineering.

Nagnata Ryo Rib Crop, $140 + Legging, $180

Nagnata is the stylish athleisure line where chic fashion meets workouts. These two-tone ribbed styles are lined for support with medium compression and are fabricated seamlessly (literally) for optimal comfort.

Splits59 Raquel High Waist Airweight Flare, $118

Meanwhile, these ultra-lightweight flared leggings are supremely comfortable and cute enough to wear throughout the day. They come in multiple lengths to ensure you get the right fit and thicker fabrics if you or your gift recipient live in a cooler climate.

Realizing the Gift of Nutrition


Alessi Plissé Hand Mixer, $195 

Making your morning smoothies has never been easier than with the space-conscious and comely Alessi Hand Mixer. Different attachments also allow you to whisk or blend depending on your culinary needs. For an added burst of nutrients, include antioxidant-rich organic berries and the polyphenol-rich Gundry MD Vital Reds supplement powder.

Ototo Unique Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

Ototo makes your time in the kitchen more playful by making everyday tasks more artsy. Strain your pasta in a BPA-free Spaghetti Monster colander, absorb odors in your refrigerator with the adorable Fun Guy, or open up a bottle of your favorite wine with the bat-inspired wine-opener, Vino

Gut Check: Unleash the Power of Your Microbiome to Reverse Disease and Transform Your Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health by Dr. Steven Gundry, $32

Pre-order the cardiothoracic surgeon, nutrition pioneer, and New York Times best-selling author’s latest book, available January 9. It takes on the power of using food to rē-claim your health, including topics on fermentation, protein sources and amounts, and the microbiome.

For Honing in on The Home

Everything’s Fine Warm Sandalwood, $48

Candle-maker and CEO Tina Fine developed this scent specifically to help ease the stress of the holiday season and promote better sleep. The vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate- and paraben-free scent features top notes of Eucalyptus and Bergamot, middle notes of Vanilla Orchid and Orris, and a base of Tonka, Oakmoss, and Sandalwood. Each small-batch soy wax candle provides up to 80 hours of therapeutic burn time.

Parachute Bone Percale Bedding, $536 – $1,171

This gift celebrates sleep and promises to give your bed an entire makeover using the brand’s breathable percale bedding to get through the night more comfortably. Each bedding bundle in soothing earth tones comes with a fitted sheet, a pillowcase set, a duvet cover, a duvet insert, and pillows.

Lunya Washable Silk Tank Set in Otium Tan, $188

Combine the sublime comfort of a pair of silk pajamas with the convenience of being machine washable. As a bonus, the sexy low back and non-slip straps make the tank one you will want to wear out beyond the bedroom.

Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask, $79

Top it off with a plush, blackout sleep mask made from smooth Mulberry silk. The mask was developed by two insomnia-sufferers and resulted from an entire year of research and an exhaustive testing-process to find the best fabrics, fillings, densities, and comfort.

rē-connecting through Travel

Gladstn Late Nights and Lie Ins, $1,650

This classy weekender is perfect for getaways — and guaranteed to be your collection’s nicest piece of luggage. As a pricey indulgence, it makes a stunning gift for the travel-lover and comes with a colorful, removable shoulder strap and a vibrant blue dust cover. It’s petite but spacious enough to bring on a road trip, yet it can also fit in the plane’s overhead compartment.

July Luggage Checked Light Suitcase, $295

The more practical traveler will appreciate the roomy-yet-lightweight collection by July. Their lightweight collection’s checked-size suitcase weighs just seven pounds and comes with a hard case and organized inner-design. Other options from the line allow for free personalization, locked compartments for valuables, a pull-out garment holder, and even a built-in, TSA-safe phone charger.

Hilma Holiday Survival Kit, $65

Nutrition becomes more difficult while traveling, which is why the herbal formulations from the MD-, Ph.D.-, and the herbalist-led team at Hilma come in clutch for holiday travelers. Each kit contains the brand’s botanical support remedies for melatonin-free sleep, constipation, bloating and upset stomach, and stomach recovery and hydration.

Andie Swim The Malibu, $118

Trends are fun and all, but let’s face it — not everyone wants a “cheeky” style bottom or cute top that lacks support. That’s why we love the comfortable styles by Andie Swim, which support our bodies’ ever-changing needs. Their supportive designs ensure you will feel comfortable poolside, and the versatile styles can be paired with bottoms should you head straight from the pool to lunch.

To Give Back to Your Pets


Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. Foster Fuel, $16.99

Integrative veterinarian Lindsey Wendt, DVM, emphasizes that one of the most valuable and overlooked ways to tend to your pets’ emotional well-being is to spend quality time connecting with them. It is also important to your furry family that you practice adequate self-care. “Research has shown that our own stress and anxiety can be contagious to our dogs, as shown by measuring changes in their mental performance, she says.” Try doing so first thing in the morning as you sip a cup of Grounds & Hounds coffee from one of their mugs. The company allocates a portion of its profits to animal rescues every month.

Merci Collective Urban Oasis Crystal-Infused Water Bottle, $72

Dr. Wendt recommends these GIA gemologist-designed, eco-friendly, and non-hazardous waterers for our furry family to get in on the benefits of subtle crystal therapy. “My personal favorite is the chevron amethyst, which is a combination of amethyst and clear quartz, so you can get the soothing vibes of amethyst amplified by the power of quartz,” she says.

Super Snouts Super Shrooms, $29.49

If your pet suffers from allergies or you want to enhance their everyday immune function, Dr. Wendt recommends this functional mushroom blend as a high-quality supplement. “I am a major proponent of using functional mushrooms both for my patients as well as my own gut and immune system,” she says. “This organically-sourced, seven-mushroom-blend covers all my favorites in one easy-to-deliver powder.”

Paikka Recovery Overalls, $90 and Blanket, $60

“Many pets suffer from joint issues, back pain, and arthritis, and the colder months can exacerbate their stiffness and discomfort,” explains Dr. Wendt. “These overalls (aka adorable pajamas) are made with far infrared technology, which uses the body’s own heat reflected back into the skin. Studies show that this technology can result in enhanced blood flow and cellular metabolism, reduced inflammation, and rejuvenation of both skin and muscles.” She adds that the woman-owned company is one of her favorite product lines for pets.

Proteger Dermal Serum Rescue Bottle, $80.50

While not for your pet’s use, this body serum for humans can still help animals in need. The luxury, ECO-CERT-compliant body serum by Protéger contains hydrating aloe, stable vitamin C, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and organic coffee seed extract to nourish the skin of your body. Each of their Rescue Bottles was chipped during shipping and sold at a discount, donating 20% of their proceeds to our favorite animal non-profit, Beagle Freedom Project.


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