These Are The Best Crystals to Manifest With in 2022

It's time to rē•align with your intentions.

By: Jessica Ourisman
These Are The Best Crystals to Manifest With in 2022

There are countless ways to work with crystals, those mystical earth gemstones known for their high vibrational frequencies. You can wear them in your jewelry, infuse their signatures into your water, and even if you aren’t looking to dabble in the metaphysical, nature-lovers can still enjoy their sparkling allure. But then again, we are all about embracing the myriad forms of wellness to be immersed in — including the ethereal. And when it comes to manifesting, you can harness the energy of crystals to help supercharge your intentions.

Andrea DiPaolo is one of our favorite crystal-lovers and the founder of the crystal jewelry line Quartz and Canary. Each year, she tunes-in to get a sense of what the year ahead calls for — including the best crystals to align with what it holds. “You can count on 2022 being better than most years,” she says. “Deep shifts and changes are afoot, and some of our crystal selections are truly deep-diving gems to sink your chakras into.” The crystals below cover the energetic needs corresponding to the main domains of life.

Crystals for Money


“Citrine is the go-getter’s stone. It keeps your mood high, never needs to be cleansed, and allows you to feel the ambiance of motivation and direction,” DiPaolo says. She points out that it is important to ensure that you are buying ethically-sourced, natural citrine — not irradiated amethyst, which is commonly sold in its place. “It really supports all entrepreneurial endeavors and the pursuit of ‘quick money,'” she adds, recommending that it is placed in the office and at the bedside.

Banded Agate

DiPaolo likens Banded Agate to the “rubber band” around a stack of bills. “It helps financial resilience and supports the overcoming of economic hardships,” she says. “Emotionally and mentally, it aligns you with greater decision-making for future goals, and investments can be met without mistake or tragedy.” She also adds that it can help distinguish wants from needs, keeping unnecessary shopping at bay.

White Topaz

“White topaz is an extraordinary gem for manifestation,” DiPaolo says. “It circumvents your inability to visualize or hold the feeling of what you want to achieve, helping you to [maintain these necessary states].” Because visualization can be especially difficult when attempting to manifest money, White Topaz aligns you with the higher realms to keep the faith during the process.

Crystals for Love


The lovely stone is a powerful romance-attractor, which DiPaolo dubs a supercharged love stone. “Kunzite focuses on bonding and re-bonding relationships, mending serious heartache, and supports mood stability through it all,” DiPaolo says. “This is a stone you want to use to call in new love or to reconnect with a partner or loved one.” (If you’re going through heartbreak, this could be a helpful stone to pick up.)


While not the typical choice for love, DiPaolo points out that Chrysocolla works deeply — particularly regarding matters of communication. “This helps uproot the [limiting beliefs stifling your voice] and supports heartfelt communication.” She adds that it is especially effective at stabilizing relationships, helping the user to embody a better state of mind for calling in new love.


Rhodonite is a stone that helps to temper the fiery energies that can be stirred up in love. Put simply, it “calms the heart” and “calls in more love.” She adds that its intention is to expand the heart chakra and cleanse its energy, providing a grounding effect that promotes a balanced approach to partnerships.

Crystals for Physical Health

Clear Quartz

The so-called master healer is DiPaolo’s go-to for physical healing. “This is a universal stone for all types of healing and an amplifier of all energy centers within the body. It is excellent for strengthening and balancing all bodily systems,” she says. She also recommends holding the gemstone while meditating on the area of the body that you would like to heal.


“Fluorite does a wonderful job of protecting the physical form,” DiPaolo says. “It supports aura protection and [shields] against electromagnetic stress.” She adds that one of its most potent benefits is syncing the mind with the body and spirit, supporting your alignment.

Crystals for Mental Health


Ametrine is a true wellness ally — excellent for overcoming self-defeating or addictive habits and helping you mentally plan for a healthier path forward. “This stone encourages the energy of well-being,” she says. “It is a natural tension-reducer, with the powers of amethyst slowing the circles we create in our minds, while citrine supports a sunny mentality.”

Black Onyx

“It is a natural nerve-calmer and can help you cope with a quick pace,” she says. DiPaolo points out that it also protects you from the negative thoughts of others that might be impacting you, supporting steadfastness and a glowing outlook.

Crystals for Spiritual Awakening


DiPaolo calls Labradorite a natural consciousness-raiser that is ideal for anyone beginning their spiritual journeys. Noted for its ability to help call forth emerging spiritual gifts and psychic abilities, it is a great preparatory stone for ascension. “It releases limiting blocks around you, clearing energetic debris, freeing you from constraints keeping you idle,” she explains. “Its wise and transformative energy is a must for anyone on the awakened path.”


DiPaolo notes that Opal “calls you to the head of the table” in your spiritual elevation. She points out that it possesses vision-enhancing properties (think: psychic vision vis-a-vis the third eye), cosmic alignments, and releases inhibitions to allow the inner self to come forward. “The conscious journey can be a difficult one; this stone allows you to feel like you won’t give up, even in the most lesson-bearing times.”

Crystals for Pets

Let’s face it — our pets are family, too. As natural earthly healers, the fact is that they absorb energy all the time — including from us! To show your furry kin some love, these are the best stones to place in their proximity — or affix to their collars — for enhanced energetic protection.

Rose Quartz

Pets often pick up on our energies and those surrounding us, not to mention feeling stress from their physical environments. Thus, surrounding them with crystals can be supportive. “Rose Quartz can support their hearts and the unconditional love they foster,” DiPaolo says. “Using this crystal will also remove any heart-based imprints that may be affecting your pets.”

Rutilated Quartz

DiPaolo thinks of Rutilated Quartz as protective bars blocking any unwanted energies from the being they are helping. Often worn by healers to keep their energy clear while working with clients, this gemstone will help to shield your pet from picking up any energies from other people or environments that might impact them negatively. 

Smoky Quartz

This protective stone is a staple in many of our collections and should be for your pets. “I would use Smoky Quartz around all animals, especially where they sleep,” Di Paolo says. “As a natural energy converter, it can work wonders for [transmuting] negative rays into positive ones.”


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