This Year, rē•spin the Way You do Holiday Gifting

Wellness-forward curations for women and men.

By: Jessica Ourisman
This Year, rē•spin the Way You do Holiday Gifting

The holiday season offers time to connect with loved ones and family — over meals, for social gatherings, and even through gift-giving. Whether your giftee prefers something sentimental or lavish, functional or unexpectedly fun, consider that the manner in which you select your gifts can be made mindful this year. We’ve already made our positive feelings about shopping for gifts that give back… But you can also embrace the holiday spirit by shopping small and supporting indie brands, by opting to shop from environmentally responsible brands, or even choosing gifts themselves that make wellness possible for the recipient. The way that you choose to spend your hard-earned dollars can make a real difference when you put the power of your intention behind it. Below, you will find a selection of goodies for your wellness-minded loved ones.


For added relaxation…

Meet the edgy-pretty candle company of our dreams. This phthalate-free scent profile perfects the “Christmas tree” scent we wait for year-round. Her combination brings fir, eucalyptus, and juniper together with balsam, Burch, musk, and tonka for our favorite holiday fragrance profile yet…

Therapeutically molding to the body, this breathable weighted blanket is ultra-relaxing for anyone, but especially those on the stressed side. Your giftee might enjoy cuddling up under one of these on the couch for a movie or even keep it on the bed for a better night’s sleep.

If she needs permission to relax — but prefers to do so in a luxurious setting — look no further than these ethically-sourced silk PJs. You can have them customized with a hand-stitched monogram from the line’s flagship in New York for a classy gift she will never forget.

For eternal beauty…

Luxury clean lipsticks in the sustainable brand’s best-selling shades — the 74% organic red, Chiltern, and the 66% organic nude, Chateau. Made from plant-based ingredients, an emphasis on resource conservation, solar-powered production, and a carbon-neutral business model, these celebrity-approved lippies emphasize wellness for the self as well as for the planet.

Esthetician Jordan LaFragola created this non-comedogenic oil blend of skincare-loving sacha inchi, apricot kernel, and pomegranate seed oils. Made in small batches in Los Angeles to keep the ingredients fresh and potent, it comes in an artist-designed collectible glass bottle with Renaissance-era vibes.  If you’re local, be sure to try her signature facial to pair with the oil, offered at her private practice and The Beverly Hills Hotel’s spa.

After taking a self-love bath, begin your body care ritual with this rosehip and botanical seed oil blend. Packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, and barrier-protective fatty acids, it is the ideal post-bath serum to nourish the skin of the body. Then, to lock it all in, follow it up with the brand’s body butter. The texture is more like a balm, but believe us when we say that you will be left with the silkiest skin ever.

For self-care and connection…

These nootropic supplements work, whether you opt for a non-jittery Energy gummy or its sleep-inducing counterpart. Housed in gorgeous, collectible jars, the vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, and non-GMO gummies are the newest go-to’s on our supplement shelves. You can also try blends for Calm and Focus depending on your giftee’s needs.

The OG makers of bougie CBD gumdrops offer this festive, holiday flavor. Each gumdrop contains 20 mg CBD, making it ideal for promoting calmness and relaxation, house in the form of a bougie, vintage gumdrop.

This cutting-edge wellness device helps you hack your metabolism to nourish yourself optimally, whether you are seeking to boost your metabolism, lose weight, or optimize your health. By offering personalized meal recommendations, eating plans, and promoting your metabolic flexibility, it empowers you to customize your nutrition in achieving your goals — including stabilized blood sugar, natural weight loss, less snacking, boosted mood and energy, and more.

This is the secret must-have for germaphobes (or, you know, Virgos). This is an antibacterial bath “mat” in the form of a self-drying stone, created from a ceramic-like material called diatomaceous earth that removes water, helping to prevent bacterial proliferation and mold.

For getting fit…

High-waisted leggings are more than just great for movement, they are also so comfortable because they make you feel swaddled (while looking chic with crop tops). Wherever you wear them — at the gym, or on your couch — the embossed details are simply too cute to pass up.

There’s nothing like a lightweight, gym-ready jacket for taking runs in the wintertime. Slim-fitting and with thumbholes to keep you streamlined while you workout, it can take you to the gym, to run errands, and beyond with its functional charm and good looks.

Making fitness versatile and accessible is key to long-term results, and the beauty of these padded ankle weights is that they are so simple to use. Sure, you can apply them pre-workout to give your muscles added resistance… Or, you can strap them on comfortably and then go about your at-home chores, and all the while toning, strengthening, and investing in your fitness.

For awakening good vibes…

The plant-mom on your list will love these petite windchimes made from crystals to adorn her favorite buds. Each chime comes with a 10-11″ stem for placement in the plant’s vase, while the gemstone selected appeals to certain qualities. Garnet should help radiate love, strength, and creativity for the new year.

Selecting a crystal as a gift is never an easy task—so make it one that she likely doesn’t have. Rutilated quartz is unique in that it has shimmery strands of rutile within, also known as hairs of venus, which are said to promote intuition and enhance connection with the ethereal realms.  Ethically-sourced by founder Corbin Chamberlin, this will make a beautiful addition to her collection while strengthening her spiritual connection.

After over 20 years in the prestige fragrance industry, the wellness-minded founder of Ascention crafted her line using safe synthetic and nature-identical ingredients that are entirely vegan-friendly. Drawing from aromatherapeutic principles of wellness and pairing each fragrance with a high-frequency gemstone, this parfumerie truly puts wellness first. If you aren’t sure which scent to try, opt for the Stayin’ Aligned Parfum Kit so your gift recipient can sample the scents before committing. 

For culinary nourishment…

For the chef on your gift list, this cookbook by Athena Calderone stands out for its sophistication — and aesthetically appealing recipes. (There is a reason that the beauty behind @eyeswoon is such a phenomenon.)

If she enjoys time in the kitchen, this brand will legitimately change the way she cooks. Designed to conserve space (down to a notch for the spoon), the non-stick surface has been formulated non-toxically and makes cleaning after use easier than ever. Hint: Because she will probably fall in love with Our Place, you can consider getting her the Perfect Pot to match.

Try these three bottles of small-batched wines made from sustainably-farmed grapes sans added sugar or additives. Plus, the unique bottles will look so good in the kitchen, perhaps repurposed as a makeshift vase.

For the sustainable fashion lover…

Did you know that buying secondhand is more sustainable? By extending the product life cycle, second-hand luxury retailers like Rebag are helping to make the notoriously wasteful fashion industry more planet-friendly. Check out their Gifting Suite to see their top picks for holiday gifts.

Available at the sustainable retailer Sense of Shelf, this made-to-order garment uses fabric woven in Fair Trade-certified factories using Cupro and Rayon yarn. Because it is made upon demand only to help minimize industry waste, please allow two weeks for delivery.

Fair-trade and cruelty-free Mongolian cashmere? Say no more. Nothing is cozier in the chilly seasons than ultra-luxurious cashmere. Let your loved one cuddle up in this ribbed loungewear set.


For the outdoorsman or nature-lover…

Every outdoorsman knows that nature is healing. Combine his love of nature with an elevated cologne in this multifunctional fragrance. Infused with the phytoncides that come from trees in the forest, it imparts the soothing effects of forest bathing while elevating the grooming experience non-toxically.

Erem has created the first bio-circular hiking boot. Founded by a father and son with familial roots in the classic Timberland brand, Erem opts for sustainable materials with ensured pathways back to nature. The environmental hiking boot was made to be enjoyed for desert hiking, featuring water-resistant, breathable fabric, a cork insole, and a 70% recycled rubber sole.

The world’s first solar-powered watch allows wearers to keep the time while being mindful of the impact of their purchases. The certified B watch company opts for handmade eco-packaging, certified recycled stainless steel, eco vegan leather, and a pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, and is committed to driving a circular economy. Lastly, each purchase donates towards The Rainforest Trust non-profit which restores one acre of rainforest every sixteen seconds.

For connecting at home…

Nothing beats cozying up on the couch or in bed for a movie night. The next generation of gifting for tech lovers is this short-throw, large-screen projector. Featuring 4K UHD resolution with bright, 2400 ANSI lumens brightness, and the ability to project from just 17.3″ from the wall, this is the ultimate space-saving hack for streaming, watching TV, or your next movie marathon with your loved one. Stay in, get comfy, and enjoy 120″-150″ of razor-sharp resolution at home.

While you lounge together on the couch, sip on rē•spin’s own blend of this bespoke cocktail. Remember to infuse the blend of dried fruits and jalapeno ahead of time with your favorite spirit — vodka, gin, tequila, or rum — or even hot water for your favorite mocktail.

Does your man need new loungewear? The Italian luxury sleepwear line has created its first sets for men just in time for the holiday season. Beginning December 1, their Pima cotton sets, which are sourced from Peru, will become available. The Henley set will certainly help promote the hard-working man in your life to embrace the benefits of sleep this holiday season (and beyond).

For the wellness aficionado…

Good health begins with the gut, which is why any health-forward man will appreciate these evidence-based probiotics. The brand’s formula includes 24 different strains of probiotics, housed within a prebiotic encapsulation to survive the journey to the gut, to nourish from within.

What stands out about the Swiss supplement is its active, Urolithin A. It powers the cell’s mitochondria — essentially charging the cells’ biological batteries in order to perform their functions more efficiently. Along with enhanced cellular renewal, this form of targeted cellular nutrition will make his workouts more effective, shown in a peer-reviewed study to boost muscle function.

This discreetly chic health tool provides round-the-clock data on your health stats, monitoring your heart rate, temperature, conducting sleep analysis. It innovates by conveying personalized health insights from your finger, instead of the wrist. Made of lightweight titanium that is lighter than your average ring, it is also water-resistant and compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit.

For the fitness-friendly…

More than just a great cardio exercise, the man in your life can work on his “guns” while he gets his jumps in.

Whether he lifts weights and experiences muscle soreness, has a tension headache, or simply needs to relax from a high-stress lifestyle, ache-alleviating balms containing high potency cannabidiol are among our favorite ways to apply for topical relief. This indie newcomer features gorgeous, elevated branding that will look elegant on your top shelf while helping your man to relax.

To help alleviate the back and upper body of tension, he can drape this acupressure mat over any soft surface and recline. This filler-free version of the acupressure mat is perfect for travel so that he can experience the tension-relieving experience—even during hotel stays.

A new pair of sneakers is always a fun gift, particularly this supportive-yet-lightweight pair. Whether worn during workouts or simply for leisure, they make for fun, functional, and comfortable gifting for the active gift recipient on your list.

For grooming…

Give the gift of high-end hygiene. This body wash is plant-based and gently cleanses using a coconut-derived emulsion that hydrates the skin with each use. It also comes in a chic aluminum container that is more environmentally conscious than single-use plastics.

If he likes to soak in a hot bath post-workout or for relaxation, he can reach for these bath salts to make it therapeutic. Featuring Tibet Magnesium Salt Flakes that transform into a muscle-soothing magnesium oil in the tup, Dendritic sea salt that allows you to soak-in mineral goodness, and woodsy Hinoki oil which has traditionally been used in Japanese temples and shrines, this bath soak will win him over. Made in Canada, the brand uses recycled materials, certified organic oils and extracts, and creates phthalate-free fragrances.

Help him groom in supreme style. This unique trimmer allows for water-resistant, anti-irritation trimming with rounded blades to minimize nicks and prevent razor burn. It features four different trimming lengths and can be used on all body parts.

The popular haircare line just launched a collection of products whose packaging consciously rē-thinks the industry status quo to be more sustainable. Featuring sugar cane tubes that are recyclable and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere with PCR closures and boxes, this weightless deep conditioner works in just five minutes and leaves the hair looking thicker. (Not that we’re suggesting anything, but it’s something we daresay he’ll like…)



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