Travel Destinations That Embody Our Core Pillars

Put yourself first for your next excursion.

By: rē•spin
Travel Destinations That Embody Our Core Pillars

We launched rē•spin three years ago, during great uncertainty. It was a uniquely unifying experience. We were simultaneously stripped of the opportunity to connect with our friends, family, and world. It was a period in which we were confined to our environments, unable to travel to new territories to awaken ourselves to new experiences. Now, we’ve found ourselves in a period of somewhat normalcy. We are returning to a life where we can put rē•spin’s pillars into action.

As the weather warms up, there’s a general artsiness that we may be feeling within us. That jittery feeling in the pit of our stomachs, a yearning for new experiences. We crave environs that deepen our connection with ourselves and the world outside ourselves. Whether near or far, traveling can satisfy these creative cravings. It can offer fresh opportunities to pursue optimal wellness and endless adventure.

To inspire your next excursion, we’re sharing a few spots across the country that will satisfy your inner wanderlust. Each taps into one of our six pillars. They allow you to rē-connect through travel while prioritizing your wellness journey. 


Sedona, Arizona, is well-known and revered for its vortexes—spiritual hotspots where psychic energy vibrates on a deeper level. L’Auberge de Sedona celebrates a balance of nature and adventure by allowing guests to feed and rē-new their souls through mindful action. Throughout the property, L’Auberge de Sedona fosters an environment conducive to connecting deeper with oneself. Enjoy a grounding moment in the outdoor spas—the perfect place to rē-balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Further south, Miraval Austin has created a digital-device-free environment that allows us to disconnect and rē-balance. Tailor your experience by setting an intention for your stay. Permit yourself to detox from the digital world. By focusing on being present, you can better address imbalances that may be causing you physical, mental, or emotional strife.


Set on the stunning Finger Lakes in upstate New York, the Lake House on Canandaigua and the Willowbrook Spa provides a serene experience. It is set in a part of the state chock full of rich, indigenous history. The Lake House partners with local vendors to immerse guests in regional culture. These vendors include Canandaigua Sailboard, Seager Marine, Lakeside Cosmetic, New York Kitchen, and several wineries. So take a beat to connect with yourself and the environment while embracing opportunities to nourish your mind and body and spiritually have a total wellness experience. “We offer tinctures with certain treatments, like deep Sleep, Detox Deluxe, and Sauna Rituals, and all 90-minute treatments include either technology and/ or a take-home gift,” The Lake House tells rē•spin. “Our sunroom is filled with natural lighting, custom and vintage décor and furniture, books, blankets, snacks and teas, and a gorgeous view of our Sauna Garden overlooking the brook.”

Holistic health has never looked better than at THE WELL at Mayflower Inn in Connecticut. This destination offers innovative self-care practices, including rē-storative, skin-nourishing spa treatments. Feed your mind, body, and soul with farm-fresh meals and balanced healing practices that merge traditional and modern modalities. To nourish your connection with the earth, try a naturalist’s hike. Learn a new skill like wild foraging or tea making. These deep explorations teach us how to coexist with Mother Nature. They allow us to feel more engaged with what we feed our bodies.


Valley Rock Inn & Mountain Club sits just an hour outside Manhattan,  in Sloatsburg, New York. While we adore a relaxing spa escape, it’s impossible not to feel empowered after a stay at Valley Rock Inn—offerings center on fitness and weave in healthful food and connections with nature. Located at the foot of the Ramapo Mountains, the property is surrounded by 70,000 acres of parkland. There is access to stunning trails for daily hikes, bike rides, and lakes if you prefer kayaking. 

For our rē•spin community thrill-seekers, Madeline Hotel & Residences in Telluride, Colorado, can support your journey to discovering inner strength, both mentally and physically. Winter means hitting the slopes or exploring adventures like ice climbing, snowshoeing, or horseback riding through snowdrifts. During the summer, embrace an active getaway with a curated focus on connecting with nature and your physical self through outdoor activities. 


We all deserve a moment to rē-focus and awaken ourselves to new philosophies and practices centered on our well-being. At the Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania, discover new ways to rē-connect. Rē-invigorate your sense of self through new and old passions. Tucked away in the Poconos, the resort offers grounding opportunities like guided meditations and restorative yoga. Plus, there are additional activities that invite clarity and stability. The experience leaves guests with rē-newed energy.

Ojo Spa Resorts are the rē-awakening our bodies crave during this period of rē-generation. At the Mineral Springs Resort and Spa in Ojo Caliente and the Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort, we experience the famed waters that have provided healing and soothed spirits for centuries. So create the time in your day to rē-connect with nature and your soul. Harness the power of hydrotherapy and the spring-fed waters for the ultimate whole-self-healing experience.


In New Orleans, Hotel Saint Vincent savors a rich history that dates back centuries. Margaret Haughery, an orphan who immigrated to Louisiana from Ireland, dedicated her life to giving back to the community. She founded Saint Vincent’s Infant Asylum in the mid-1800s. A statue was erected at Saint Vincent’s two years after her death and is still standing today—a reminder and celebration of her dedicated humanitarian efforts. Today, Hotel Saint Vincent upholds Margaret’s legacy to the local community. It provides a comfortable stay for visitors from near and far seeking a break.

Lumeria Maui boasts a balance of education and wellness. The center offers classes across various physical activities. In addition, it serves farm-to-table meals made with produce grown in the resort’s garden and on local farms, fish from Maui waters, and local Maui meats. The Lumeria’s education-focused environment encourages self-learning and personal growth over practices that only last as long as your vacation. In addition, the resort allows guests to connect with renowned teachers and practitioners in surfing, farming, and climbing even after they leave the island. This way, you can continue these practices—a souvenir of well-being that keeps giving.


Much like rē•spin, Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, embraces a core set of enriching wellness pillars. Health and performance, mind and spirit, fitness and movement, nutrition and food, and spa and beauty. As we pursue holistic wellness, Canyon Ranch’s integrative practices and wellness experts can help inform a lasting transformation centered on our whole selves. The resort provides various services, including beauty and Eastern wellness practices and personal and group training. Nutrition and cooking instruction, health coaching, and mental and spiritual wellness support are also provided. Canyon Ranch seeks to rē-calibrate our lifestyles and rē-store us for the seasons ahead.

We all deserve a period of self-exploration to rē-connect with ourselves and open our minds to new experiences. Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, provides an opportunity to explore and realize our human potential through education. Here, we can seek new answers to questions we thought we understood. We can reach new personal frontiers through innovative programs, including workshops that help us hone in on our sexuality and sexual wellness. We can begin or continue our path toward liberating our bodies and rē-frame ancient teachings like tantric theory for modern-day life. Esalen calls us to nurture our relationships with ourselves and embrace the potential transformation.



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