Vibing with SIDIA: Self-Attuned Wellness That Begins in the Home

Put your hands together for their new launch.

By: Jessica Ourisman
Vibing with SIDIA: Self-Attuned Wellness That Begins in the Home

Serial entrepreneur Erin Kleinberg is known for her creative pursuits. She is a co-founder of the publication, Coveteur, and CEO of the branding agency, Métier Creative. Her newest venture — lifestyle brand, SIDIA — stylishly elevates home ambiance with wellness in mind. SIDIA was named for her late grandmother and offers an unpretentious, in-home wellness experience; attuning to your means of self-connection and nourishment without expectations or judgment. 

“The outer carton says, ‘COME HOME TO YOURSELF’ in neon green. This is our mantra,” Kleinberg explains. “We are here to celebrate non-preachy wellness, and always say we are happy with where we are on the journey. Some days it is a 12-step skincare routine, and some days it is washing our face with bath remnant water and straight to bed. We champion the idea of coming home to whatever feels good to you in that specific moment.” 

The intimation is that you are the expert of your own path, but that they will help you get there on the self-directed journey to calm. Their latest launch announces the brand’s entry into the body-care space, introducing “hand-care” as a form of self-care with a two-step regimen that she describes as “sheer bliss.”

Self-Attuned Wellness 101

The array of items ranges from home decor and scented candles to sets to wear during your beauty regimens, the central theme being wellness that occurs within your home sanctuary. To actualize this concept of home-care, Kleinberg drew heavily from her time at Coveteur. “Having the opportunity to study people’s home environments, how they juxtaposed personal style with interior vibes, and doing so with about 500 of the world’s best tastemakers left a lasting impression,” she explains. “Typically people would be like, ‘That was so fun watching you Canadian kids photograph my Manolos on my coffee table. Why don’t you stay — we’ll order Jon and Vinny’s, smoke a joint, and shoot the shit!” Those moments of genuine connection within her editorial subjects’ home environments is where she learned the subtleties of ambiance, hygge, and how to host people. 

This led to her self-described obsession with “fancy French candles” as being central to a room’s decor, vibe, and evocative properties. “My obsession led me to become a student of scent, and when we launched SIDIA, I knew this was where I would want to go,” she says. “Scent can transport you back to a time and a place, but also be a vehicle for where we go in the future.” While evoking the nostalgia she feels for her family matriarch, the brand first achieved notoriety through their hand-poured candles evoking specific states of mind such as ‘Wired’ and ‘Braless.’

Making Hand-Care Happen

Now SIDIA is venturing into body-care, a natural extension of their offerings for cultivating the home wellness sanctuary, and Kleinberg intentionally began with the hands. “We love and create with our hands, but [they] are so underloved and underserved,” she says. Drawing upon a memory of her grandmother sipping tea in the kitchen, constantly moisturizing her hands, and writing notes, she thus brought a two-part hand-care ritual to fruition as the next step in her brand’s evolution. “In her honor and legacy, SIDIA is celebrating hands first on our bodycare journey.”

Practically speaking, Kleinberg acknowledges the growing demand for mindful body care products and a need in the market for potent hand hydration that does not feel greasy. The feeling of dry hands is awful, but so is the slippery feeling following a greasy cream that makes it hard to open jars or leaves a sheen on your cabinets. “I felt that body — and hands, specifically — [were] the next big thing to come [in the beauty space],” she tells rē•spin. “So many brands focus on [the] face, and now the body is going to reign supreme. This is why we spent the last two years in development on the world’s most luxe hand-care system.” 

The first step of the system is a gently cleansing exfoliator which helps remove the dead layer of skin cells and better prepare the fresh skin to absorb the following serum. The exfoliant step contains hydrating avocado oil, a retinol-alternative called rambutan, and perlite as a textural buffer. The serum is packed with healing antioxidants via cactus flower extract, prickly pear, and hydrates with shea and avocado butters. “We wanted to create a hand serum that could potentially be layered with a thicker cream [after], but [is also viable] for those who [cannot] stand greasy, balmy creams,” she says. “It is extremely fast-absorbing, lightweight, and clearly, non-greasy.”

SIDIA’s Vibes

Something we love about SIDIA is that the brand does more than help you find your zen; it helps you create your “zen-tuary” — the phrase our CCO uses for her wellness-first, home interiors. SIDIA does not just make moments of wellness possible in your day, but it delivers a wellness-promoting ambiance for your home environment. 

For years, green, “clean,” and wellness-adjacent brands were delivered with “crunchy” or “granola” branding that neglected the notion of decor. These were products that would be stashed inside a cabinet rather than proudly displayed on your vanity. But SIDIA embraces the multidimensionality of aesthetics while normalizing the up-and-down reality of the wellness journey. “At SIDIA, we are here to say, ‘Hey, one day we wake up feeling the minimal vibe, but one day we may wake up and feel totally over the top and maximal — and it’s OK to have both!” Inherent in their messaging is the notion of meeting you where you are at mentally each day: Some days, you will tick off all the boxes on your ideal wellness regimen, but on other days honoring your needs by giving yourself a break. This is all part of the journey.

These gems will look beautiful on your vanity while delivering vibes of self-directed wellness that attune to your wants and needs. Part of their business model gives back via 1% for the Planet, a non-profit that allows brands to pledge a portion of their profits towards nature conservancy and sustainability-minded initiatives. During their first month, the brand is also donating 10% of their sales for the hand-care duo to the Brigid Alliance Fund, a fund that helps to offset abortion-related travel costs for women

As we are rē-learning, wellness can be many things — among them, chic, relatable, sentimental, and function — and Kleinberg is the queen of showing us how.

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