Wellness Destinations to rē•spin Our Sense of Self

It’s time to explore and rē•discover that balance within

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Wellness Destinations to rē•spin Our Sense of Self

This summer has been the season for travel. Whether taking a solo trip or a family vacation, we’re presented with the opportunity to travel to new and old destinations and open our minds to new experiences. But, along with travel for pleasure comes travel for a wellness retreat to help us rē-balance and awaken a part of ourselves that may not have seen the light of day yet, or at least in a while. 

When planning your next getaway, there are resources like Compare Retreats that provide a curation of wellness destinations around the world. We’ve also curated a list of global wellness retreats that embrace movement and help you awaken your spirit and sense of adventure and nourish yourself from the inside out.


With retreats spanning the globe, including Europe, Africa, and the Americas, OMNoire provides guests with a transformative experience full of soul-enriching practices and adventures. OMNoire’s mission is rooted in community, self-love, and self-care, allowing us to experience all that life has to offer while carving out a safe space that promotes a wellness-first lifestyle.

With a range of retreats centered around practices including conscious healing, vibrating higher, and rē-connecting with nature, OMNoire offers options no matter where you are in your wellness and healing journeys. They aim to help each individual grow and conquer every step of the way, introducing new health and wellness modalities along with the support needed to guide you.

Eden Health Retreat

Located a short drive from the coast in Queensland and nestled into the Gold Coast, Eden Health Retreat grants choice and freedom to its guests, allowing each individual to embrace their imagination and choose their path as they embark on their journey. Through a personalized and rē-storative approach, guests are given the opportunity to rē-flect and rē-charge, rē-store their health, and rē-connect with nature as a means of finding balance and a sense of calm in their lives once again. 

Through its CARE philosophy, Eden Health Retreat emphasizes four pillars throughout the curated experience for its guests: connect to the country and the environment that envelops us, align to purpose and center ourselves on an intention, respect the ritual and prioritize routine in your schedule, and engineer the experience and awaken your mind to the newness. Guests are given a balance of adventure and relaxation through activities including yoga and pilates, gym circuits, hikes, rainforest meditations, saunas, sound healing, and more.

Cocoon Portugal

While many have been enjoying a summer trip across Europe, Cocoon Portugal offers the ability for a European vacation via a yoga retreat on a 275-acre farm. Cocoon Portugal offers weeklong yoga retreats with a cycle of instructors, offering multiple classes a day, with each retreat centered on different practices and some focusing on breathwork, alignment, and inner connection. 

Free time on the coastal farm grants guests the time to enjoy the property and its amenities, swimming, walking, or carving out a space on the premises to find time to think and relax. Using local ingredients, they provide delicious, nourishing meals to feed our mind, body, and spirit as we embark on a new journey and adventure and seek personal alignment.

The Ranch

With locations in Malibu, California, and Fiuggi, Italy, The Ranch focuses on rē-calibrating the mind and body through a weeklong health program. This wellness retreat provides sustainable programs tailored to help individuals achieve their unique goals with the necessary support and nurture.

Each day, guests will enjoy six hours of low-impact exercise with a four-hour group hike each morning to rē-connect with nature. Days also include rē-storative yoga, daily massages, and afternoon fitness classes. Each meal follows an organic, plant-based diet to nourish our bodies while we open ourselves up to the experience. The week is complete with cooking classes, an hour of the organic grande, infrared and cryotherapy saunas, and all without television to fully disconnect.

NIHI Sumba

NIHI Sumba does not describe its resort as an escape from our lives but rather a “return to a life well lived.” Located on Sumba Island, Indonesia, this resort focuses on applying purpose to vacation and retreat, tapping into our open minds and spirits to curate an experience rooted in our passions. So whether you’re spending time at the award-winning Spa Safari™ Nihioka or taking advantage of the plethora of experiences available on the island, NIHI Sumba becomes the vehicle to rē-connect with something beyond ourselves.

Guests are offered comprehensive services on the island, with excursions on the land and in the sea, to embrace our sense of adventure or find stillness and harmony in our days. In addition, there are opportunities to focus on the cultural and culinary aspects of our well-being, learning new ways to nourish our bodies so we can live out our wellness-first lifestyles and immerse ourselves in local culture.

Aro Ha

With the goal of rē-connecting to the source of our well-being, Aro Ha offers seasonal and themed wellness retreats to elevate our mind, body, and spirit. Located in Glenorchy, New Zealand, guests have the opportunity to rē-wild with nature and transform our physical and mental well-being through daily routines and habits. Mindfulness practices and woven between activities ranging from strength training to cooking create balance within your day.

Each retreat emphasizes our natural health, allowing our minds to be calm, clear, and present. Nature, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, and functional movement are all combined with research backing up each practice to nourish and calm our bodily systems and awaken our minds to our purpose once again.

Seven Senses

With retreats that span the globe, Seven Senses focuses on one core element: to deepen the connection with ourselves and awaken our minds to our wholeness and power. These retreats are referred to as a personal and collective journey. They explore the mind, body, and spirit through the lens of the seven chakras. The crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. 

They mix movement, yoga, breath work, sound meditation, gestalt constellations, and personal exploration. The week-long retreat is meant to expand our awareness and see the parts of ourselves that may typically remain hidden. If you’re seeking a significant change in your life or are manifesting a new opportunity, a retreat emphasizing awakening our minds to ourselves can help guide us into those changes.

Villa Tama

There is a world of curated retreats to rē-set and find balance from within. However, sometimes you need a week away to rē-store the mind, body, and spirit on your own. Villa Tama is one of Orizon Living’s exclusive properties. It is a 7-bedroom beachfront property that promotes a slow living experience for guests. Orizon Living has a holistic take on hospitality, ensuring a transformative experience. Amenities include private chefs, transportation, wellness treatments, fitness sessions, and local excursions. They awaken your mind to new experiences and immerse you in the culture.


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