Break A Sweat With Us on Saturday, November 14th.

By: rē•spin staff

Imagine a world where your child doesn’t have access to the medication they need to survive — a world where placing your child in an orphanage provided them better medical care than they would receive alongside you. Imagine a world where if your child faces life with diabetes, they are, in turn, not sent to school due to their short life expectancy. Imagine a world where access to insulin wasn’t readily available. Although hard to believe, this world is some families’ realities. A heartbreaking reality to even think about, let alone have to face. 

This is where excellent non-profits such as the Sonia Nabeta Foundation (SNF) come in. SNF, and other foundations like it, are committed to providing care to children with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). They donate time, supplies, and medical care to children in Africa with T1D. 

“Successful management of T1D requires access to insulin and other relevant medical supplies; vigilant monitoring of glycemic levels; and access to a multidisciplinary team that not only includes medical doctors but also other essential personnel such as dietitians and psychologists – onerous demands for already overburdened healthcare systems in Africa,” says SNF. 

The citizens and children supported by Sonia Nabeta Foundation are referred to as “warriors.” Every day, these warriors fight for their lives against T1D. Donations raised with SNF allow them to donate glucometers, syringes, lancets, test strips, HbA1c monitoring, medical care, and more. Furthermore, foundations such as SNF provide care that allows families to keep their children close to home regardless of their T1D diagnosis. 

To further support SNF in their fight against T1D in Africa, we are hosting the first annual Wellness Warriothon on Saturday, November 14th, at 10AM PST/1PM EST. Wellness Warriorthon is held virtually and will feature our founder Halle Berry, an exclusive workout by Master Fitness Trainer Peter Lee Thomas, a wellness cooking segment, fireside conversation on racial inequities in diabetes care, new technologies, and additional special appearances aimed at bridging wellness conversations across the globe. The Warriorthon is to be available on the rē•spin app and https://www.wellnesswarriorthon.com/

November 14 2020  \\  10AM PST/1PM EST

Proceeds from the Wellness Warriorthon will benefit the Sonia Nabeta Foundation (SNF),  serving low-income children with type 1 diabetes in Africa. Only 1% currently survive six years after diagnosis (compared to 98% survival in the U.S.)


Vivian Nabeta, who founded SNF in honor of her sister Sonia, believes in “…an Africa where children with type 1 diabetes have an equal chance at long, productive, healthy and gainful lives.”

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1989, Halle Berry emerged from a coma with a singular dedication to her health — centered on mind, body, and soul. She crafted a path to her wellness, sharing her tripartite mantra to living with diabetes through the founding of rē•spin. 

In setting the course for my life with diabetes, I focused on staying informed, prioritizing my mental health to tackle my mind practice and finding a balance to care for my body through nutrition and wellness.” – Halle Berry

To join us in supporting the warriors, please visit www.wellnesswarriorthon.com

Life with type 1 diabetes should not be a life lost, ever.


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