Finding Nue Ways to rē•spin Wellness

Tend to your stress levels accordingly.

By: Jessica Ourisman
Finding Nue Ways to rē•spin Wellness

In the interest of finding new ways to prioritize wellness, try this adage on for size: the physical body is the subconscious mind. You probably already know that stress is not just felt in the mind but also in the body… but it might surprise you to learn that stress — a deleterious everyday factor that can pull you out of alignment — continues to have far-reaching implications on the body even after you are no longer aware of its mental effects. Why? Because once it makes its way to the subconscious, you are, by definition, unaware of it. In other words, your body can continue to be stressed long after the situation resolves!

Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century,” impacting the mind, body, and spirit in profound and interconnected ways, both conscious and not… but we are also living through a literal pandemic and have been for the last eighteen months. Even as the world wakes back up from more than a year of haphazard re-openings and closures, the effects of these changes in lifestyle, routine, and the sense of personal safety, lingers — and this is to be expected. Why? Essentially, because the state of the world is being etched into the physical memory of your bodies, impacting mind, body, and spirit in myriad ways. “Research shows that our body is our subconscious mind, and it carries physical memories of elevated stress far longer than our emotions do,” says Jules Miller, founder, and CEO of The Nue Co. confirms. “The stress of the past eighteen months and our adjustment into a new normal will have a lasting impact on our bodies.” 

This is why The Nue Co.’s newest release is called DESTRESS 360, a consciously-crafted supplement drawing from cutting-edge science that seeks to “lower cortisol levels, but also support the bodily functions that are suppressed [during] long periods of stress.” “Stress has both a physical and an emotional effect on us,” says Miller. “We feel stress in our bodies, yet often we don’t make the connection between stress and our stomach cramps, and stress and disinterest in sex.”For the record, a few of the lesser-known effects of stress include a dampening of the libido, muscle tension, digestive difficulties, and compromised focus and immunity, making a multi-pronged lifestyle approach that works stress-reduction into the everyday ideal.

Because addressing stress is one of the most fundamental ways to implement a wellness regimen that tends to mind-body-spirit, functional supplements are an excellent modality to help rē-shift the locus of control back into your hands. “DESTRESS 360 initiates an intervention using Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and Magnesium to work together to [combat the stress response] before it impacts these bodily functions.” According to a study conducted by the brand, after 30 days of use, a reported 77% of users experienced a reduction in stress levels.

Miller shares a few more of her personal insights on wellness and The Nue Co. below.

How To Achieve Wellness in the Modern Day

“I think definitions of wellness can often be complicated. To me, wellness is about understanding what my body needs in order for me to feel my best and positively impact those around me,” Miller says. “A balanced diet, drinking lots of water, spending time with my family and friends, and knowing how to manage my stress are all things that support my health every day and [which] I try to prioritize within my life.” At its core, The Nue Co. was founded to provide people with supplemental support to achieve wellness and balance in their lives. Because wellness and self-care look different to each of us, the brand has evolved from its inaugural gut health formula DEBLOAT+ to address everything from glowing skin to better sleep. This allows you to pick-and-choose your way to support your health according to what speaks to you. 

It all began with her personal experience of developing IBS in her mid-twenties. “I spent a lot of time looking for products to help manage my symptoms, but often they only made me feel worse. I researched formulations and ingredients and found as a general rule, 50% of the ingredients in supplements are composed of synthetic fillers, bulking agents, and processed ingredients,” Miller continues. “I was disillusioned by brands touting misleading messaging, questionable ingredients, and poor quality products.” Her personal experiences with greenwashing — a name for misleading marketing used by some brands to misrepresent their lines as “clean,” “non-toxic,” and “natural” products (these terms are all legally unregulated) — inspired her to create a new kind of wellness supplement company that addressed the discrepancies she was so disheartened by with authenticity, integrity, and a genuine commitment to wellness.

Beyond Greenwashing: A Nue Way of Finding Wellness

“Inspired by my grandfather, who was a chemist and lecturer at Cambridge University [that] often made his own home remedies with natural ingredients, I soon realized that I could create a solution [to this market problem] and The Nue Co. was born,” Miller explains. Due to her personal wellness woes, the brand’s first product to launch was DEBLOAT+ — which remains one of the brand’s best-sellers to this day. “Gut health was our initial focus and remains a core of our brand’s offering; however, we have been able to move into other product categories with a unified product message: these are supplements. Whether our products are focused on skin health, sleep, or stress, we are focused on using clean and clinically proven ingredients to make a noticeable difference to the way you feel.”

Part of what makes The Nue Co.’s SKUs so appealing? The brand’s goal-oriented, solution-focused approach to innovation and formulation. If you are seeking the therapeutic effects of nature, for instance, look no further than the brand’s clean fragrance, FOREST LUNGS, which brings the terpenes of a trip to the forest to you, wherever you are. If it’s an everyday pre-and probiotic blend you seek, Prebiotic + Probiotic is an everyday staple you can rely on to promote the diversity of flora in your gut microbiome, a significant determinant of overall health. “Once we begin to scope out the research behind addressing concerns and key ingredients with our labs, we look at the most efficient and effective ways to deliver these extracts — whether topically, orally, or using sensory methods [like aromatherapy.].”

“Our new product development starts with exploring a need state — we have a predetermined matrix we developed at the brand’s inception, focused on categorizing a particular concern or issues,” she notes. “We are also guided by feedback from our community, either from feedback surveys, reviews, or our regular roundtable discussions.” They also created a consumer testing panel with over 4,000 interested respondents from avid wellness-seekers, a testament to how engaged their community is to finding pro-wellness solutions to life’s stressors.

Living the Wellness-First Lifestyle 

Part of what resonates between rē•spin and The Nue Co. is a commitment to authentically living in such a way that values and promotes wellness, whatever that means to you. In the modern-day, finding ways to prioritize self-care and stress-reduction does not come easily when the status quo is to put productivity first. Keeping in mind that lifestyle changes are key factors in sustaining and implementing wellness-promoting lifestyle shifts, think of supplements as body-supportive tools to help you along the process. No matter where you are on your wellness journeys, a supplement that does what it says it does, is key to supporting your body along the way, whittling away at the blocks — like stress! — that stand between you and your optimal state of being. 

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