What’s In Store for Taurus Season?

It's time to rē•align with a better quality of life.

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What’s In Store for Taurus Season?

Taurus season is officially upon us. Aries season presented us with a chance to heal our wounds and embrace our vulnerability surrounding living our lives more courageously. Taurus season is now giving us the opportunity for radical change and a heightened focus on bettering our quality of life. We looked to Rose Theodora to discuss what important astrological events are approaching throughout the season and rē•spin how we take in our horoscopes. It’s time to better understand the Taurus placements in our chart and how we may see the changes of the season manifest within our lifestyle.

A look into the astrological calendar in April

To mark the end of Aries season and the beginning of Taurus season, on April 19, the sun ingressed into Taurus. Consider these cosmic events from a lifestyle standpoint. This ingress focuses on slowing down. It’s time to unwind and nourish our mind, body, and soul through conversations, quality eats, and relationships.

Later in the month, on April 30, a solar eclipse will occur. Rose explains this is significantly more potent than a New Moon. This is due to the magnetic resonance and rippling effect through space. While we may not consciously understand what is happening in our universe, we feel its effects. We can experience these changes within our nervous system. Because of this, Rose emphasizes the importance of making self-care a priority in our routines. This ensures that we slow down to comprehend our feelings fully. 

“Some people may need more sleep, whereas others will feel highly energized and need very little,” she explains. “Eclipses ask that we make room in our lives to align with our future destiny and invite change rather than resist evolution. The solar eclipse will be in Taurus joined by the planet Uranus (sudden and abrupt changes that will, in the long run, feel liberating)–we can expect exciting revelations about our finances and feel inspired to indulge in quality relationships.”

Furthering our knowledge into May

On May 10, we are treated with two cosmic movements: Mercury retrograde in Gemini through June 2 and Jupiter’s ingress into Aries. We may feel a general fear or hesitancy toward these retrogrades, but Rose explains that this period will be potent. It will prompt us to rē-think everything we thought we knew and allow us to look inward as well as at our past with a rē-spun perspective. Only then can we feel empowered as we move forward into the future. As with any Mercury retrograde, Rose suggests double-checking your emails and avoiding the signing of new contracts or agreements. Put off purchasing new electronics and don’t make any significant investments or travel plans right now. Be sure to add buffer time into your schedule to ensure that you have the time needed to harness more of your mental energy.

Jupiter’s ingress into Aries will boost bravery and passion and an increased need for exercise to channel our energy. Jupiter is synonymous with growth and expansions, and Aries is a sign associated with enthusiasm and self-sufficiency. Because of this, Rose explains, we may feel and embrace the freedom to go after our dreams. However, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn will be challenged to fully embody this sense of eagerness and independence during this period. Leo and Sagittarius will feel inspired and supported to be themselves fully. Meanwhile, Aquarius and Gemini will feel connected socially and mentally titillated.

Taurus season as a catalyst for healing

As part of the solar eclipse on April 30 in Taurus, this full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16 will serve as a catalyst for healing. It will cause a deep psychological understanding of our pain, trauma, and desires to heal and rē-discover our empowerment, and rē-define security. Rose says, “Eclipses require space and conscious navigation. We’ll need to take more time to rest and slow down, notice what cravings are prevalent and why, and give attention to what emotions feel most powerful so that we can create space for the eclipse to awaken us to the unrealized parts of ourselves.”

Getting a better grasp on Taurus and Earth signs

Let’s expand our knowledge of the sign Taurus for those who have some in your chart. (Yes, each of us has Taurus somewhere in our natal chart, according to Rose). Whether it’s a house cusp or planets that are in Taurus, understanding our Taurus placements can help tell us where we experience life through our senses. It can show us that we are more focused on financial and material security.

Taurus is a fixed–or steady–Earth sign ruled by Venus. Thus, throughout the season or consciousness of Taurus, these individuals commit to improving the quality of their lives, slowing down, and practicing sensuality and embodiment. Taurus is not in a rush for life to happen. Instead, they choose to intentionally experience life physically and hedonistically, savoring each moment with their five senses.

Earth signs in general–Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn–all share the same focus on the physical, material realm of life. Rose explains, “The Earth signs teach us how to meet our needs materially and physically (Taurus), where to heal and streamline ideas, the essentials in life (Virgo), and how to achieve goals, commit, and take accountability (Capricorn).”

Earth signs tend to be practical, physically centered, and are masters at the materialization of form. For the most part, they need to see tangible proof to believe that something is, in fact, real.

What’s occurring cosmically within the Taurus season this year? 

This year, Taurus season is unique because Uranus joins it. This means that there could be radical change surrounding the quality of our lives. More specifically, it’s related to our relationship to our finances, investments, and the quality of the physical care we give to ourselves. The North Node of Destiny–part of an 18-month eclipse cycle–implies the urgency we feel to improve ourselves and rē-align with a better quality of life. This season, we may feel drawn to opportunities that present themselves as a means of leveling up and embracing the unknown. It’s time to take risks as it pertains to self-care, our finances, and our physical well-being.

As we transition from Aries to Taurus season, Rose shares what each sign may be able to expect during this time period as it relates to our lifestyle or changes in how we are living out our goals to achieve a balance of the mind, body, and spirit. She also notes that individuals can read their horoscopes for their sun signs for a subjective picture or their rising signs for an objective insight.

Taurus season specifics

  • Aries: This season, you feel rē-ignited to be yourself. Taurus season will be a catalyst for a perspective shift from self to capitalizing on real-valued interest. Look forward to exciting financial opportunities.
  • Taurus: You’re rē-emerging from your Spiritual cocoon to a new annual birth. Expect more energy, heightened body sensations, and magnetism that others can’t ignore. Plan on a makeover.
  • Gemini: You’re rē-aligning to the right social circles and prioritizing your dreams. This transitions to a much-needed spiritual retreat. Expect an active dream life.
  • Cancer: rē-connecting with who you want to be in this world, your role. This is to share your nourishing vision for a better, more quality world. Count on supportive networks.
  • Leo:  You’re rē-igniting your zest for life. During Aries season, you rē-instated what your life means to you and how you want to live it. You’ll be asked to practice what you preach and shine more brightly during Taurus season. Expect recognition.
  • Virgo: rē-awakening to your strong regenerative powers. Now, you can delve more into a philosophy that feels more aligned to the person you’ve become during Taurus season. Plan on a new vantage point.
  • Libra: During Aries season, you rē-kindled your independence in your relationships. This prepared you for the sensuality that you’re newly embodying. Anticipate new forms of intimacy.
  • Scorpio: You can count on rē-spinning a relationship narrative during Taurus season. Expect a new partnership dynamic.
  • Sagittarius: Taurus season rē-invigorates your appetite for daily living. Expect new work and health opportunities.
  • Capricorn: rē-decorating your home and family dynamics is how Aries season inspired you. This happened so that you can live more thoughtfully and joyfully during Taurus season. Plan on exciting opportunities to capitalize on financial risks.
  • Aquarius: rē-writing your mindset. Aries season gifted you a new frame of mind so that during Taurus season, you can spend quality time rē-kindling what home and family mean to you.
  • Pisces: A lifestyle change from impulse buys to rē-imagining quality thoughts and conversations that nourish you. Expect an unexpected travel opportunity.


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