What’s My Aura?

A deep dive into Human Design.

By: rē•spin
What’s My Aura?

Chances are you’ve heard the word “aura” thrown around in conversation, but understanding how it relates to our being is another story. Much like a personality type, five different auras make up the Human Design System that helps explain how we relate, or give and receive energy, to each other.

What is Human Design? 

Human Design is not a method of therapy nor a tool for self-improvement, but instead is a combination of both ancient and modern sciences that help deepen human understanding. To put it simply, Human Design can help us define what it is that makes us different from those around us by offering insights into our psyche and our decision-making processes.

Aycee Brown is a psychic channel and host of the “Is My Aura On Straight?” podcast. She describes Human Design as, essentially, an operator’s manual of your soul’s destiny. “Human Design makes it easy for you to stay in alignment with your truth and destiny. It’s a strategic approach to navigating your emotions, energy, and life’s path. It’s very similar to astrology; only it’s more precise in execution,” Brown says. “I coined the phrase, ‘If astrology is a finished piece of IKEA furniture, Human Design is the instruction booklet on how to build it.'”

What are auras?

Within Human Design, auras are energy fields that surround our body that have the ability to transmit our identities and characteristics. We are born with our unique auras, which are determined at birth and give us the roadmap to who we will become in this lifetime. To determine which aura you are, you will need your date, place, and time of birth.

What are the five types of auras?

In the Human Design System, five types of humans correlate to each aura: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. Each type of person is differentiated through their corresponding aura and auric quality that determines how we approach and navigate life.

Brown explains that once you find out your aura type, the Human Design System will reveal how you give your energy to others and how you receive energy from others. This knowledge allows you to awaken to the true nature of yourself. This knowledge thereby affords us unique insights into best nurturing ourselves and practicing self-care according to our fundamental needs.

“We come into this world as clear, pure beings, yet time and society erode our internal compass and personal identity,” Brown explains. “We’re left learning how to take care of everyone but ourselves. Human Design shows us how we should be taken care of and how we can respond to others and life’s situations according to our aura types.”

What is the strategy of each aura? 

Generators:(which include Manifesting Generators) make up around 70% of the population at 35% apiece. This type, according to Brown, is here to do things repeatedly with the goal of mastery. They respond, then act, with the life purpose of building, whether that’s via family, work, or infrastructure.

Manifesting Generators, while similar to Generators, have a few key differences. Much like Generators, they are here for the repetition of activities but are looking for the shortcut to hack their mastery. Before they act, they respond, imagine, and inform.

Projectors are looking to manage and guide others, but only if they are invited to do so. They make up around 22% of the population, Brown says. 

Manifestors are the only type of the five that can “just do it.” In Brown’s words, “They are here to get the party started and inform us of the next steps.” Manifestors, which make up 8% of the population, are here to create. 

Reflectors make up the smallest number of the population at 2%. As explained by Brown, a Reflector’s life purpose is to be a “karmic mirror to society and the communities they live in.” For Reflectors, it’s best if they wait 28 days reflecting on their feelings before acting.

Can our auras be off kilter? 

Brown explains that each aura comes with its own set of challenges and that when they appear as though they are acting in the “not-self,” that’s when you know that things are not aligned.

When Generators are acting out of alignment, they tend to feel frustrated and impatient. Consequently, manifesting Generators will exhibit anger and creative interruptions that intensify those angry feelings.

Projector’s unalignment manifests itself through feelings of bitterness and craving attention.

Manifestors will tend to feel angry and unheard in their efforts to communicate.

Reflectors will feel disappointed when they are acting in the not-self and have a hard time trusting timing and universal guidance. 

When it comes to Human Design, Brown wants people to know that it isn’t just a belief system, mythology, or philosophy. “It doesn’t even require you to believe in it,'” she insists. “Human Design is a concrete system structured to help you live freely without the difficult experience of being detached from your true nature.” Think of it as a roadmap to authenticity, a new framework for viewing yourself through. 


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