When HappyBond Meets rē•spin

A wellness journey for our canine friends

By: rē•spin
When HappyBond Meets rē•spin

Based around the sacred nature of the bond between dog and owner, HappyBond seeks to inspire us to learn how to best provide our beloved pets with the healthy lifestyles they deserve. “We always talk about how dogs benefit us,” says Anja Skodda, founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist of HappyBond. “[But] I want to give back to them and show how we can make their lives better, [keeping] them happy and healthy for as long as possible. Dogs will always be there for us.”

It all started with Skodda’s skateboarding bulldog named Tony. Upon turning 8, Tony’s joint tissue issues in his shoulder prevented him from taking part in his favorite hobby. “I am a scientist, and at the time worked in Cartilage tissue engineering,” Skodda explains. “This knowledge made it possible for me to formulate our first Supplement to help Tony get back on his Skateboard.”

That’s when it became clear that a popular human supplement, collagen, with benefits that range from gut health to better skin, to healthier joints, might just hold the answer for our pets, too. Using her biotech engineering background, Skodda helped to develop what would eventually become HappyBond’s very first SKU. In the process, she also realized that the pet wellness industry lacked transparency and safety regulations on par with its human-grade counterparts and that there was a genuine need for a reputable pet supplement company backed by science.

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Skodda first connected with our founder, Halle Berry, through Kendra Bracken-Ferguson Halle’s long-time business partner in order to discuss the benefits of collagen for dogs — and for people. “Collagen is the biggest structural protein in mammals but we slowly lose the ability to produce [as we age],” Skodda explains. This can lead to issues like a loss of elasticity in the skin and joint discomfort. But with a bio-available supplement containing certain collagen peptides and vitamin C, the prognosis can improve. “As our dogs age way faster, we can start to add Collagen+ to their diets as early as one to two years old to possibly prevent early cartilage degradation.” This has the potential to improve and slow the onset of joint discomfort that our furry family members suffer from.

Skodda and Berry discovered that they shared a common vision in their special bond with their pets, and their desire to enhance their dogs’ wellness. This ultimately led to Skodda and Berry joining forces to make it possible to give back to our dogs with the same standard of holistic wellness that we do for ourselves — considering mind, body, and spirit. (Or, in the case of our canine friends, mind, body, and playfulness.) Next came the development of a natural, preventative supplement for pups to keep (wo)man’s best friend happy and healthy, with years of precious bonding to look forward to.

At the end of the day, HappyBond and Skodda value the bond between owner and pet. Whether a long walk on the beach (a personal favorite of Skodda’s dog, Nando) or curling up to relax together after a long day, this form of connection facilitates something to be cherished and nurtured. This is why HappyBond creates canine nutritional supplements to nourish their health spans — keeping their minds happy and stimulated, and their bodies exercised and fit — with human-grade ingredients designed to give back to our best friends. 


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