TRAINER Venus Moore   // DURATION 30 minutes  // DIFFICULTY Moderate
Get strong and build muscle with this effective fat burning HIIT bodyweight workout! Bodyweight exercises are full body strength training movements that can help you get fit anywhere because they require little to no equipment. Smash this killer HIIT circuit minimum three times per week for best results. Use a Tabata timer to help keep you on pace and in that fat burning zone! Max energy ON...let’s work!
butterfly in and outs workout respin
30 Sec, 2 Reps
GOOD FOR:  Reverse lunges activate the glutes & hamstrings and are excellent for core stability. The kick adds a taste of explosive power to the movement.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Sit up straight on the floor with palms flat & placed slightly behind the glutes on either side. Do not round the back. Keep spine stable & straight. Open knees and place soles of feet together. Lean back, engage the core, elevate legs and extend fully out. Return to starting butterfly position. Repeat.
jump squat workout respin
2. Lateral Lunge to Jump Squat
( 30 seconds  1 Rep )
GOOD FOR:  Lunges are a functional movement that are great for strengthening the lower body. Jump squats improve explosive power & burn major calories.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Stand tall with feet shoulder-width. Step out wide to the left bending the knee, push back hips and keep the right leg straight. Keep both feet flat through the lunge. Push off from left leg to return to center. Squat then jump high. Upon landing repeat move on opposite leg.
side plank workout respin
3. Core Kick Side Plank
( 30 Kicks  1 Rep )
GOOD FOR:  Side planks are excellent for building strong defined oblique muscles.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Lie on the right side with right leg bent & left leg extended straight. Rise up slightly on the right arm with elbow directly under shoulder and left arm with a hand on hip. Abduct left leg high, bring back parallel with body & kick forward. Repeat on the left side.
overhead jacks workout respin
4. Overhead Jacks
( 30 Reps )
GOOD FOR:  Jumping jacks are a simple but effective plyometric exercise that works the whole body.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Stand with feet flat side by side and hands clasped together. Jump into a wide jack position while raising clasped hands above head. Jump again, lower arms & return to starting position. Repeat
double touchdowns workout respin
( 20 reps )
GOOD FOR:  Touchdowns are a dynamic movement that improve cardiovascular stamina and endurance for a full body burn.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Stand with feet together and both arms raised straight above head. Jump out wide with both feet into a squat while bringing both arms straight down between legs and touching down with fingertips. Repeat.
bear shoulder kickbacks workout respin
6. Bear Shoulder Tap Kickbacks
( 10 Reps )
GOOD FOR:  The static bear position with kickback is a full body dynamic move that also challenges & strengthens the core.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Begin in a high plank with hands below shoulders. Walk your knees forward and position below your hips. From this position lift right hand to touch a left shoulder and return to the floor. Do the same on the opposite side. Next, jump back with both legs into a plank then jump forward back to bear position. Repeat.
superman pushups workout respin
7. Superman Pushups
( 10-16 reps )
GOOD FOR:  Pushups are a fast & effective exercise for toning arms and building upper body strength.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Begin lying flat in a plank position with palms on the floor. The Head is slightly raised. Engage core. Extend both arms out vertically from the body, bring hands back to starting position and push up into the high plank. Keep body parallel to ground & butt down. Return to starting position. Repeat.
glute kickbacks workout respin
8. Banded Glute Kickbacks
( 10-16 reps )
GOOD FOR:  Kickbacks are an effective & simple exercise to build the glutes & work the hamstrings. Adding a booty band makes the move more advanced & improves results.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Place booty band on thighs slightly above the knees. Begin on all fours on floor. Palms should be directly below shoulders and knees positioned below hips. Keep spine straight & engage core. Extend right leg back parallel to ground. Begin pressing leg upwards creating resistance against the band. Squeeze glute at top of the movement. Repeat on opposite leg.
seated toe touch workout respin
9. Seated Toe Touch Combo
( 30 reps )
GOOD FOR:  This effective compound Ab movement engages lower abs, stretches the hamstrings and strengthens the core
INSTRUCTIONS:  Begin seated on the floor with legs together and extended forward. Hands are clasped together at chest level. Lean back slightly & engage the core. Keep left leg straight & stationary. Move torso forward bringing right knee to elbow. Lean back again extending leg straight, then bring torso forward raising leg straight upwards, extend the arm and touch the toe. Repeat on the opposite side.
reverse lunge power kick workout respin
10. Reverse Lunge Power Kicks
( 10 reps )
GOOD FOR:  Reverse lunges activate the glutes & hamstrings and are excellent for core stability. The kick adds a taste of explosive power to the movement.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Stand tall with hands at sides. Take a large step backward with your right foot. Lower hips to bring left leg parallel to the floor. The left knee should be positioned over the ankle. Push off from right foot and kick forward. Extend left arm & touch toe. Repeat on the opposite side.