My health journey started when I was diagnosed with diabetes at 22 years old, it was a moment I’ll never forget. Inspired by this, I launched rē•spin through my own health transformation and desire to connect with others through health, wellness, and spirituality. At this moment, the need to rē•think everything we thought we knew is more important now than ever. So today, I am sharing rē•spin with you…and invite you to join our community. – Halle Berry

respin about us timeline

our pillars


A deep dive into the relationships that make up our world.

CONNECT to yourself.
CONNECT to friendships.
CONNECT to family.
CONNECT to intimacy.
CONNECT to community.

A hub for feeding your mind, body, and soul.

NOURISH your body through food.
NOURISH the earth and nature.
NOURISH your soul through animals.
NOURISH your skin.
NOURISH your mind.

Discovering your own strength, pushing yourself to the limit.

STRENGTHEN your body.
STRENGTHEN your mind.
STRENGTHEN your soul.
STRENGTHEN your heart.
STRENGTHEN your willpower.


A safe space to explore and discover your spirituality.

AWAKEN your spirit.
AWAKEN your sense of adventure.
AWAKEN your conscious.
AWAKEN your subconscious.
AWAKEN through movement.


A conversation around charity, showing
gratitude, and giving of yourself.

GIVE to your community.
GIVE to charity.
GIVE to younger generations.
GIVE to animals and the earth.
GIVE to yourself.


An enlightened space for positive energy.

ETERNAL beauty.
ETERNAL peace.
ETERNAL adventure.
ETERNAL earth.
ETERNAL self-love.