rē•spin your fit is our signature trainer program that delivers engaging, energetic workouts you can do virtually anywhere. We provide multiple ways to #respinyourfit and keep fitness fun through 20-minute workouts, editorial-style sweat sessions, and a proper #fitnessfriday take-over every week! So join us on your fitness journey, and get to know our nine rē•spin trainers with 30 high-energy workouts to give you the perfect at-home experience.
Rocky Horsford
Dance, Body Weight, Barre
Peter Lee Thomas
Martial Arts, Boxing, HIIT
Kehinde Anjorin
Strength, Conditioning, Movement Rehab
Tim Machado
Mindset, Lifestyle, Body Composition
Venus Moore
Functional, Strength, Conditioning
Andrea Somer
Body, Mind, and Spirit
Lauren Arps
Barre, Yoga, Dance
Ashley Joi
HIIT, Strength, Circuit Training
Ridge Davis
Strength, Conditioning, HIIT
Kamilla Falkowski
Strength, Conditioning, Group Fitness
Karis Gant
Strength and Conditioning