Ashley Joi
SPECIALITY: HIIT, Strength, Circuit Training
Ashley Joi is a former Division I Track Athlete from the University of Rhode Island. She began her professional fitness career a little over 6 years ago with a dedication to motivating and inspiring people to ENJOILIFE by encouraging others to push their physical limits through fitness. Her favorite style of training is HIIT, weight lifting, and is a true believer in running. (She runs marathons for fun!) Ashley connects with others by empowering them to dig deep within to achieve their goals with her Joy and support.
Meet Ashley
Anything the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve
When did you decide that you wanted to be a PT?
I decided about 6/7 years ago when I realized my passion for fitness/athletics/movement could actually change people’s lives being a PT. I’ve always wanted to have a career that made a difference in people’s lives.
First thing you do when you wake up?
I’ve gotten into stocks, So I check the market, check emails, check text messages, turn on ESPN and make coffee! I get my prayer and mindfulness going in the shower.
Is there anything in the fitness industry you’d like to change, and why?
I would like for people in fitness to connect from a positive connection rather than a negative connection, for example, people who speak about how they disliked their bodies and what they did to change them, or the surface “look better in a bikini buy my 30-day program.” Connect on the level of accepting themselves, wanting to get strong more efficiently, gain more mobility, passion for what fitness does from the inside out. This surface esthetics bothers me so much!
What are you hoping people will get out of your rē•spin workouts?
To feel strong and accomplished! They will for sure have a great time and feel motivated.
What does your pre/post-workout meal consist of?
It all depends on when I work out, post-workout-sometimes it is breakfast – veggies, potatoes, eggs, veggies, sausage or I’ll do a salmon bowl filled with veggies rice/or quinoa. If I’m on the run I will do an Isopure protein shake or oatmeal for pre-workout.
What advice would you give someone just discovering fitness?
Don’t stop having fun! Being active, healthy, and fit should always come to the conclusion of having fun. There will be hard work, but it should never feel like a burden.
What is your training philosophy?
I combine my degree in psychology and communication studies with personal training. I meet my clients where they are physically and emotionally and empower them to go after their goals, believe in their goals, and push past their comfort zone.
Where do you draw inspiration for your workouts?
From my athletic background. I love to empower my clients to move and train like an athlete.
How do you feel you’ve rē•spun your life?
By focusing on what I have control over and letting go of everything else!