TRAINER Ashley Joi   // DURATION 30 minutes  // DIFFICULTY Beginner - Advanced
Are you ready to ENJOILIFE with Ashley Joi?! Yes, you are! I created a fun, challenging, full-body workout that will get your heart rate up! Test your strength and allow you to push past some limits you may have set for yourself. Let’s get it!! The 7 exercises below can be done at home or with a workout partner. Grab your rē•spin booty band and come workout with me!
bridge march workout respin
1. Bridge March
30 seconds, , 3-4 reps
GOOD FOR:  Remember: Keep a tight core at all times!
INSTRUCTIONS:  Lying down on your back with the band around your upper thighs, push your shoulders into the ground and engage your core while lifting your hips up to the sky. Activate your glutes by pushing through your heels while keeping your feet flat on the ground. Now drive one knee at a time towards your chest while keeping your hips elevated and glutes active. A repetition on each side counts as one march.
high knees workout respin
2. High Knees – My fave!
( 30 seconds,   3-4 reps )
GOOD FOR:  This is a full-body, high-intensity exercise.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Running in place! Simple right? Not! High knees are all about getting those knees up! Drive your knees up as high as you can, keeping your foot flexed while it’s in the air. Engage your arms by pumping them, pushing your elbow back with your hand down by your waist, then drive your hand up by your face keeping your elbow bent at 90 degrees at all times. Keep your core engaged and stand tall. To take the impact out, reach your arms over your head and drive one knee up while bringing your arms down so your hand and knee meet together. Reach your arms back up again as you put your foot back down.
lateral raise workout respin
3. Kneeling front + lateral raise
( 30 seconds,  3-4 reps )
GOOD FOR:  An easy go-to arm workout. Place a mat or something soft under your knees for cushion and support.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Kneel down on top of the band and either tuck your toes under or have a flat foot. Extend your arms out to the front, raising them to shoulder height then lowering them, and then raise your arms out to your side, leading with your elbows, up to shoulder height. Repeat the sequence: front raise to lateral/side raise.
plank renegade row workout respin
4. Plank - Renegade Row
( 30 seconds,   3-4 reps )
GOOD FOR:  Core - and shaking is normal, it means your body is working and keep breathing, it’s important!
INSTRUCTIONS:  A high plank position is the beginning of a pushup position. Put your hands flat on the ground with your shoulders stacked over your hands and your eye line between your hands. Keep your core engaged and your quads engaged. Maintain a flat back with your pelvis slightly tilted under to create a straight line from your head to your lower back. Lay the band flat on the ground under both hands. Grab one side of the band and row by bringing your hand upright under your armpit, pushing your elbow up to the sky. Make sure you alternate hands.
star jacks workout respin
5. Star Jacks
( 30 seconds,  3-4 reps )
GOOD FOR:  A great burst of energy!
INSTRUCTIONS:  Load your body by bending knees and bringing your arms to the center of your chest. Jump up and extend both arms and legs outwards before landing softly back on the ground in the same loaded position (legs bent, butt pushed back, arms brought to the center of the chest).
push up circuit workout respin
6. Push Up Circuit
( 30 seconds,   2-3 reps )
GOOD FOR:  Core and Endurance. This move is perfect to work towards more reps.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Get into a high plank position, creating a diamond shape with your hands. Lower your chest to the ground, making sure you push your elbows back not out. (This can be done on your knees as well.) Then step your hands out into a regular pushup position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Again lower your chest to the ground still pushing elbows back not outwards. Step your hands out again for a wide pushup - place hands either outside your mat or just outside shoulder width to have a wider stance. Lower chest to the floor and back up to high plank. Repeat the process by stepping your hands back into the close diamond shape.
hammer curl workout respin
7. Static lunge – Hammer curl
( 30 seconds,   3-4 reps )
GOOD FOR:  Toning - control the movement both up (concentric) and down (eccentric) to get the best results!
INSTRUCTIONS:  Get into a comfortable lunge position and hold. Keep your front foot flat on the ground; it’s your point of stability. Your back knee should hover over the ground. Hold the band under your front foot and grab the ends in each hand, keeping your palms facing each other. Curl your hands up to your shoulders at the same time than lower them back down.