Full Body Strength Workout
TRAINER Kehinde Anjorin   // DURATION 15 minutes  // DIFFICULTY Beginner
Get get to an epic full-body workout that incorporates strength and cardiovascular endurance. Select 8 moves from the list below. Perform each for 30 secs moving on to the next move. Upon completion, rest for 1-2 mins, then repeat 4-5 times.
seated row lateral raise workout respin
1. Seated row Latreal raise
30 seconds
GOOD FOR:  Killing two birds with one stone here, we are working out back muscles and front delts. The also sneakily incorporates the core as well, the seated position allows for better core stability and integration.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Keep body tight, keeping neck and spine in alignment. Think about pushing your hands through the floor. If needed, modify by keeping knees down throughout the movement.
reverse lunge workout respin
2. Reverse lunge knee drive
( 30 seconds  )
GOOD FOR:  I love a great leg exercise and this hits all the spots. A very simple move yet very effective at building and developing strong legs. The added resistance really spices things up.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Loop booty bands above knees, lunge back alternating legs, be sure to drive through your heel and big toe. Squeeze your glutes at the top.
banded squat press workout respin
3. banded squat press
( 30 seconds  )
GOOD FOR:  Another total body movement that maximizes muscle strength and cardiovascular capacity. Get ready to burn a lot of calories with this one.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Loop band underneath your feet to anchor band in place, seat your hip down not back, as you come to standing press the band overhead. Keep arms straight and parallel to head.
kick stand tricep workout respin
4. Kick-stand triceps extensions
( 30 seconds  )
GOOD FOR:  This move not only targets the triceps but also target the glutes and hamstrings.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Loop the band around the opposite leg of the working arm, get enough tension in the band. Hinge at the hips, think of pushing your hips back and bringing your torso parallel to the floor. Keep knees slightly bent. Extend arm towards hips and squeeze triceps at the top.
banded squat abductions workout respin
5. Banded 1/2 squat abductions
( 30 seconds,  3 Reps )
GOOD FOR:  Targets hip stabilizers
INSTRUCTIONS:  Loop band above knees, seat into a quarter squat, and press knees laterally against the band. Stay grounded through your big toe and heel.
push up workout respin
6. Push ups
( 30 seconds  )
GOOD FOR:  A push up is a integrates the entire body not just the arms, I love to call this a moving plank.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Start in a straight arm plank, shoulders are directly over the wrist. Feet kept close, squeeze inner thighs, tuck pelvis. As you lower your body to the floor, inhale and exhale as you push up back to your starting pushing. Keep tongue underneath the roof of your mouth to prevent your neck from collapsing forward.
forward lunge workout respin
7. Forward lunge band pulls
( 30 seconds  )
GOOD FOR:  A great total body move jet that engaging coordination, stability, and strength.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Lunge forward as you pull the band towards your chest. Keep hips at 90 degrees, squeeze shoulder blades together as you pull the band apart. Alternating legs.
tricep push up workout respin
8. Tricep Push ups
( 30 seconds  )
GOOD FOR:  This is another sneaky core stability exercise, it involves the arms but requires a lot of core strength and stability as well.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Get into a straight arm plank, walk arms two inches forward. Keep arms parallel, tuck pelvis under. Slowly press elbows to your mat and push off your palms back to starting position. Can bring knees to the floor if this becomes too difficult.